Purpose of the American Diabetes

The mission of the American Diabetes Association is fairly simple and yet extremely effective and powerful. The stated mission is to "prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes". They are also very active in leading the fight against the various deadly complications of diabetes by funding research that can help in finding more effective means of fighting the condition, by delivering services to various communities across the country and by providing objective and credible information. The organization also helps those who have been wronged due to the medical condition.

There are various programs and activities that the American Diabetes Association organizes. The national hotline is a great way in which they can address the specific concerns of many people. It is estimated that there were 300,000 contacts made by various people with the organization in order to clarify issues that they may have with regards to diabetic management. The call center is a free service that is provided to all and it consists of highly trained people who can answer non-medical questions about diabetes in English and Spanish.

The Family Link Program aims at providing information to families with regards to the condition. This is done through schools and various community programs. The aim of the program is to help people recognize the early symptoms of diabetes so that complications can be avoided at a later stage. This program also provides toolkits for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes recently. ADA also has a social networking site for youth with diabetes called Planet D.

There are also specific programs that have been created for specific communities that are at a higher risk of diabetes like the African American communities, the Hispanic communities and the Asian American communities. They also take up advocacy for those suffering from this condition at the political level.


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