American Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association is a health organization that is dedicated to helping diabetic patients so that they can fight the various complications that arise due to the disease. Other than helping people live a healthier life with diabetes, the organization also funds research directed towards finding treatment options and cures for the medical condition. The American Diabetes Association therefore works with patients and healthcare professionals in order to address anything that is related to diabetes. The organization is covered under 501(c)3 and is a non-profit charitable organization.

With the responsibility of raising funds on its shoulders, the American Diabetes Association needs to organize specific events regularly in order to ensure that they can continue to run the programs that they have. One of the fund raising events that they have is called "Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes". This is the largest fund raising event that the association manages and the event talks place in various parts of the country. There are more than 150 walks that take place across 100 markets around the United States.

The Tour de Cure is a cycling fund raiser that is held in 40 states. The event is a ride and not a race and routes are created for all kind of bicyclists. The Diabetes Expo is a trade show that the association conceptualizes and manages. While it is a great place for companies to showcase the new diabetic products that they have created, it is also a great place for all diabetic people to check out the advancements in technology that have taken place and the manner in which it can help them.

The School Walk for Diabetes is a K-12 educational program that is directed towards healthy living and community involvement. This is a great initiative that teaches children to live and eat healthily. It teaches children the importance of making the right choices. In addition to these, there are also other fund raising events that the American Diabetes Association organizes. These include the Bad (Bikers Against Diabetes) Ride and Father of the Year.


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