American Diabetes History

The American Diabetes Association was formed by 28 physicians that came together in 1940 to create an association that would concentrate on finding solutions to the issue of diabetes and related complications. Initially, the membership of the association as limited to physicians, health professionals and corporates that were related to the field. The first president of the association was Dr. Cecil Striker. He felt that the individuals suffering from diabetes mellitus was the reason for the existence of the association and therefore his social, economic and medical issues were something that they should be concerned with.

The first 20 to 30 years were a time where the medical community was learning more about the condition, the specific hereditary and environmental causes of diabetes, specific early warning signs that could help detect diabetes and the various complications that can emanate from unmanaged diabetes. This is something that brought the medical community together in its fight against this disease.

In addition to that, the American Diabetes Association also made strides into the public awareness arena with the launch of "Diabetes Forecast" a consumer magazine was launched in 1948. In another ten years, it was also available in a form that the visually impaired could read. In 1948, summer camps were organized for children with diabetes and the first National Diabetes Week was observed. Today this has grown to become a National Diabetes Month and is observed every November.

Some of the major changes that occurred in the association took place in the 1960s. Donations were more focused on research funding and the association took an active role in insurance coverage and equal employment for those who suffered from diabetes. The awareness program was also expanded through volunteers.

In 1970, the association went through another major change and the membership of the American Diabetes Association was expanded to include general people who had some interest in diabetes as a medical condition. This is the time when the organization became a volunteer organization. This is when special events for fund raising were organized, popular among which were "Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes", Diabetes Expo, BAD Ride, "Father of the Year", "Tour de Care" and more.


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